Sending Love to Boston

I spent most of yesterday and today so saddened, confused, and disgusted by what happened at the Boston Marathon that I could barely think about anything else.  I can’t bring myself to sift through the photos and videos, so I know I’m not knowledgeable enough to write a thought-provoking post, but simply ignoring this tragedy seems equally wrong.  I am so heartened by the number of people helping by offering their homes, their clothing, their food, and their blood to people in need.  It warms my soul to know that the rest of the world is thinking of us, too.  I’m not going to make any predictions about who did it or discuss the inappropriate political responses on twitter.

Many people have been posting that wonderful Fred Rogers quote about the helpers.  Two of my biggest childhood icons were Fred Rogers and Bob Ross.  They always looked at the world with such beauty, sympathy, and understanding.  We could use a little more of that.  Til next time.