Rules for Commenting

1)  Keep your mind open and accept that others may not have grown up with your level of privilege/luck/blessings.  For further guidelines on this, please refer to Derailing for Dummies (an unfortunately ableist title, but it has very good information).

2)  No name-calling or bullying.  I know what we discuss here can get heated, but let’s try and keep it civil.  Whenever possible, refer to rule #1. doesn’t have a “report” button for comments, so if you think things are getting out of hand and I haven’t noticed, please email me at angrynerdgirl 03 [@] gmail [dot] com.

3)  No pejorative slurs of any kind UNLESS you are talking ABOUT them.  You are allowed to discuss them, but not to use them against one another.  In this context, “crazy,” “lame,” and “retarded” definitely count as a slur.  I’d like to keep this as safe of a space as possible.

4)  No bigoted, racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic, transmisogynistic, heterosexist, homosexist, cis-sexist, trans-sexist, et al diatribes or language.  Have courtesy for what your fellow readers have been through.  Let’s do our best to keep the comments trigger-free.

5)  The First Amendment does not apply to my blog.  I am not the government.  Removing cruel or offensive comments is not infringing on your free speech.  If you repeatedly break the rules, pick fights, or use oppressive language, your comments will be banned.  Sorry, my blog, my rules.

At the end of the day….

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