In Which My Computer Goes to the Hospital

I had a great post set up for you guys today.  Full of links, ideas, and relevant news.  Then, I placed my computer down a little rougher than I meant to and BAM!  White screen of death.  Everything is gone.  Tomorrow, my computer ships off to Dell so they can reattach my hard drive or rewire my motherboard or whatever they can do that I cannot.  Your angry nerd is now a sad nerd writing on her grad school computer from 2007.

I didn’t want to disappoint you when I’d promised you my thoughts on Doctor Who, though!  Tomorrow I’ll recompile my research and try and get something meaningful together, but right now, I’m a little too frazzled for that.  I hope you forgive me, although this is not a very auspicious start to my nerdy little blog!

Brief thoughts on Doctor Who, Cold War:

  • Hey, Davos Seaworth!  You make my little nerd heart explode by showing up here!  Still in the water, though.  Is it in your contract to be soaking wet and miserable?

    I’m a Boat Captain! Even in Russia, Onion Knights can’t catch a break.

  • Clara is useful!  Way to go!  Every week she looks more like Christina Ricci, doesn’t she?
  • Hungry Like the Wolf.  I die.  Wonderfully.
  • Nice to see the Ice Warriors of Mars.  Wish we had seen more than their creepy fingers that grew less creepy and more rubbery-looking as time went on.
  • Once again, we are saved by music.  Womp.
  • Do you think the Ice Warriors would be besties with the Silurians?  Let’s pretend it’s the case, because that would be SO awesome.

Bonus! Thoughts on tonight’s Game of Thrones (S03E03) in no particular order:

  • JAMIE’S HAND!  Oh my goodness, I hid behind a pillow and I still can’t unsee it. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t want it to be the case.  Oh, Kingslayer, I love you so much.
  • Hey, look!  Rape culture at play in Westeros.  Brienne’s near rape was horrifying.  Triggering, awful.  That horrible screaming.  Gwendoline Christie did a fantastic job of a completely harrowing scene.  Sad that bad-ass Brienne is reduced to her sex and her father’s money.  I love her so much that it hurts to see others think of her in those two categories and nothing more.
  • More rape, this time for Theon.  Fortunately (or is it?) his would-be rapists are killed before they could complete the deed.  Now I hate Theon as much as the next self-respecting woman, but the idea of raping prisoners as punishment for escape is one of the most horrible things I can imagine.  Truly truly awful.
  • I love that Hot Pie baked Arya wolf bread.  And it was tasty!  Farewell, Hot Pie.  You won’t really be missed, but your goodbye was sweet.
  • Brynden Blackfish Tully is my new favorite.  Edmure Tully sucks forever.
  • Rob has become kingly and I am so proud of him.
  • The small council scene filled me with delight.  I have missed Varys so much, and that chair moving game between Tyrion and Cersei made my heart sing.
  • Talisa is such an improvement over Jayne Westerling.  Thank you, HBO.
  • Hi, Ghost!  Missed you!  Oh, there he goes again.
  • Dany, I love you and Missandei together, but I want to see moar dragons.  Hopefully they’ll be there next week!
  • Craster.  Ugh.

    Dr. Owen Harper wil not do well with the Crow's vow of celibacy.

    Dr. Owen Harper wil not do well with the Crow’s vow of celibacy.

  • BURN GORMAN!  I knew it was you!  He only had a snippet of dialogue, but I would know my true Torchwood love anywhere.  So very glad he’s on the show, even if he doesn’t have a name yet.  Speaking of Doctor Who universe, so glad I saw Liam Cunningham on Doctor Who, because my Onion Knight was nowhere to be found this week.

Ok, all.  This was not your typical Angry Nerd Girl post, but I sincerely appreciate you bearing with me!  Hopefully this computer issue will be resolved quickly and then I’ll be back and we can be angry together again.  In the meantime, I’ll be compiling my now lost information and trying to get that original post in coherent form.  I really appreciate all of you for reading, and I hope I won’t let you down.

Thanks again!

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