Shameless Self-Promotion

Update:  Thank you so much everyone for voting!  I won, and am now tvgasm’s newest recapper!  I’ll send you a link when my first one is up.  Thank you again so very much.  😀

I’ve made it to the final rounds of auditions to be a tvgasm recapper, and now it’s up for a vote. If you could vote for Fighter #2, it would mean a lot to me! I made it through three rounds of recapping terrible hilarious tv, and I’d like to keep getting to do it. Something got glitchy with the spacing on my recap, which is the only thing the comments are talking about.  Please see past that and vote for me!  Once again, that’s Fighter #2.

Love to you all!  Thank you for reading!  I’ll be watching Game of Thrones tonight and will give you my thoughts tomorrow!