The Fashion Industry: So You Want to Be a Model?

Ok, kittens.  Let’s talk Fashion.

I’ve wanted to write about the harmful effects of the fashion industry for some time now, but it seemed so obvious.  What is there to write about that people don’t already know?  Well, I sat down and made a list of seriously messed up things that I wanted to address, and it was long.  I hope you’re sitting somewhere comfortable, because there’s going to be a lot here.  Before we start, I do want to say that I love fashion.  I love the idea of expressing yourself in a fluid way through clothing, hair, makeup, and everything else.  You can dress a certain way and feel temporarily like a different person (note: Hollywood often portrays this horribly wrong, showing women needing to change in order to get the popular guy).  This is about the completely screwed up advertising complex known as the Fashion Industry. Continue reading

Rape Culture, Again

Good news: I got my computer back from the repair shop!  Bad news: it has to go back tomorrow.  Since I have it for one day, though, I wanted to write something for you all.  Today, I wanted to write about the fashion industry, because despite being in the headlines more for severely damaging behavior, it’s still seen as a glamorous profession.  However, recent news has pushed that one temporarily to the back burner.  Apparently, we still need to talk about rape culture.


Continue reading

Shameless Self-Promotion

Update:  Thank you so much everyone for voting!  I won, and am now tvgasm’s newest recapper!  I’ll send you a link when my first one is up.  Thank you again so very much.  😀

I’ve made it to the final rounds of auditions to be a tvgasm recapper, and now it’s up for a vote. If you could vote for Fighter #2, it would mean a lot to me! I made it through three rounds of recapping terrible hilarious tv, and I’d like to keep getting to do it. Something got glitchy with the spacing on my recap, which is the only thing the comments are talking about.  Please see past that and vote for me!  Once again, that’s Fighter #2.

Love to you all!  Thank you for reading!  I’ll be watching Game of Thrones tonight and will give you my thoughts tomorrow!

Trans Acceptance in America

Hello again!  I missed you!  It’s really hard to keep on top of all things internet when I can only use my phone and my office computer and I apologize.  Also, if you are reading this in Boston or have loved ones there, stay strong.  The hearts of the whole world are with you right now.

Earlier this month, we heard many arguments against marriage equality.  Primarily these arguments break down into three major categories:  the Bible says it’s wrong (which only matters in a theocracy), what about the children (they seem fine), and “it’s a slippery slope to bestiality and pedophilia.”  Many have pointed out that these are the exact same arguments used in the 1960s against interracial marriage.  Now, hardly anyone would say that interracial marriage is immoral and harmful.  How did that change come about?  Did people suddenly open their eyes and realize that racism is wrong?  No.  The older generation died out and the younger generations had a very different mindset. Continue reading

Sending Love to Boston

I spent most of yesterday and today so saddened, confused, and disgusted by what happened at the Boston Marathon that I could barely think about anything else.  I can’t bring myself to sift through the photos and videos, so I know I’m not knowledgeable enough to write a thought-provoking post, but simply ignoring this tragedy seems equally wrong.  I am so heartened by the number of people helping by offering their homes, their clothing, their food, and their blood to people in need.  It warms my soul to know that the rest of the world is thinking of us, too.  I’m not going to make any predictions about who did it or discuss the inappropriate political responses on twitter.

Many people have been posting that wonderful Fred Rogers quote about the helpers.  Two of my biggest childhood icons were Fred Rogers and Bob Ross.  They always looked at the world with such beauty, sympathy, and understanding.  We could use a little more of that.  Til next time.